If She Only Knew

My daughter was not very happy. Her boyfriend called that morning to let her know the conditions were not ideal for skiing, and they needed to change their plans. Throughout breakfast with some friends, she quietly sulked while trying to hide her disappointment.

If she only knew.

During breakfast, his mother called and needed them to go by the beach house to check a leak a neighbor had noticed.

While at the beach house, he thought he’d make the best of the situation and asked her to walk down to the beach and skip rocks together.

She continued to pout. It was cold and rainy outside. She had no desire to be outside, let alone down by the water. She wanted to be on the ski slopes. Not at the beach house on a sopping cold and dreary day.

Oh, if she only knew.

He tried a few times to convince her to go down to the water. When she finally conceded, he walked her to the water’s edge, knelt down on one knee, pulled out a tiny box and asked her to marry him.

Now, she knew.

They drove across the bay to his uncle’s house where all of her sisters and I, along with his family and their friends were waiting to celebrate. We joyously celebrated all weekend long.

Her big sister was genuinely happy for her and loved every minute of the festive weekend. However, secretly, she wanted to be engaged as well.

I tried to comfort her and remind her of the circumstances her boyfriend was in as he had just accepted a new job across the country and needed to be there within a few weeks. He had yet to tell his family and had no time to think about buying a ring or asking her dad for his blessing of marrying his daughter. “Give him time,” I encouraged her. I assured her that within a month or so, I was sure he would be able to slow down, sort out the details and ask her to be his wife.

She wanted to understand. But I knew she was still a little sad.

If she only knew.

We took her to the airport. I kissed and hugged her and told her to keep her chin up.

She landed a few hours later and drove home. It was late and she was exhausted and needed a good night’s sleep.

As she opened the door to her apartment, she became startled at what she thought was someone in her home. It was him. With soft music serenading them and rose petals strewn among the dimly lit candles, he took her hand, walked her inside, knelt on one knee, pulled out a tiny box and asked her to marry him.

Now, she knew.

Throughout the weekend, I wondered if I was coming to understand a glimpse of how God feels when He knows “the rest of the story” and just wants His children to trust Him and believe something great is in store. At each turn of events, I wanted to whisper in their ears, “It’s going to be fabulous! Trust me. I know what this weekend holds. You will be much happier with these plans than the ones you originally had.”

I knew by weekend’s end, these two daughters of mine would be engaged. As I watched their reactions to unrealized plans, while privy to knowing the bigger picture, I wanted so badly to cup their sweet faces in my hands and tell them to wait until they knew the rest of the story.

Jeremiah 29.11 reminds us that God has great plans for us, plans to prosper us and give us a future and a hope.

We need to trust His plans are better than ours.

He longs to cup our sweet faces in His masterful hands and assure us He knows and has orchestrated the rest of the story. It’s going to be fabulous!

If we only knew.


  1. Alexia Cribb says:

    What a wonderful story. The girls are beautiful. I can’t believe you and Mike will soon have three daughters married.

  2. Jan Schiller says:

    Oh how the years have been Blessed by our heavenly father !
    To hear of the joy our girls are having with there mates !
    Still praying for our boys

  3. Julee Grace says:

    I know all these people in the story well and love them all so much. I cried the entire way through this. So very very happy for the girls (and you and Mike!). Do you think we’ll get that boy married?

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