A Tribute to Tripp’s Dad

Dear Tripp’s Dad,

On behalf of mother’s everywhere I just want to thank you for helping my daughter today.

As she was standing behind her car trying to decide how to maneuver an awkwardly large box from her trunk into the store, along you came, hand in hand with your son, Tripp.

First of all, you noticed my daughter and her dilemma.

More importantly, you went out of your way to help her.

You cheerfully announced that you would trade her positions; if she would hold Tripp’s hand, you would carry her box.

She gladly accepted and Tripp willingly transferred his hand from yours to hers. (You’ve obviously taught Tripp that strangers aren’t usually dangerous and you don’t have to be afraid of them- oh, how I wish more parents were like you!)

They walked and talked together across the parking lot and into Crate & Barrel. You came in behind them and as you set the box on the counter, the cashier asked how she could help you all.

And you replied, “Well, it looks like my part is done now.”

You smiled at Tripp, clasped his hand in yours, and off the two of you went.

I’m sure you didn’t think of all the people you impacted by your small gesture of helping my daughter.

Obviously, you had great impact on my daughter, who, in turn, called me with the good news that there are still nice people in the world who are willing to take a few minutes to put others first.

I’d be willing to bet there were others in the parking lot who watched as you came to the rescue. They would have surmised you didn’t know my daughter and how easily you could have walked down another aisle and been on your way. After all, everyone is so busy. Everyone would have understood.

And the cashier. I’m sure she was confused when you came in, plopped the big box on the counter and announced that your job was done. She likely told a co-worker or friend about what this man did at work today.

And here I am sharing your story with my friends and some folks I’ve never met, simply because they’ve come across my blog. Many of them are literally scattered across the world. You probably thought you were only impacting one young lady living in Atlanta.

Not the least of those impacted by your kindness, though, is your son, Tripp.

As he grows up, he will undoubtedly be aware of those around him who need a little extra help. He will know what it means to be a real gentleman, and how rare real gentlemen are these days. After all, that’s the example his father gave him.

So, again, thank you, Tripp’s Dad. You’ve brought a lot of smiles and warm hearts with your willingness to take a few minutes out of your busy life and simply lend a helping hand.

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