Pray for Katie!


I noticed this sign painted on the back of my friend, Robin’s, car as we were leaving our work out class the other day. Katie is a sweet, 15 yr old family friend who has been diagnosed with Osteoscarcoma.war_room1

I was so struck by this simple gesture of Robin’s to let everyone who passes her on the highways and byways know of Katie’s need for prayer. Robin shared that she and Katie were coming out of Hobby Lobby when someone called across the parking lot, “Hey, I just prayed for Katie!” Can you imagine how encouraging that was for Katie to hear?

In the heat of the battle, Katie is holding onto Hope. She spends time in her War Room and she’s a brave and bright ray of sunshine to all who know her. Because of Robin’s clever idea, perhaps thousands of people are lifting Katie up to the One Who Heals. Won’t you join us as we…

Pray for Katie!



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