For most of you, today was Saturday.

But for me, it was Someday.

I left work in DC and what should have taken me 3.5 hours to get home took me 7 hours.

Because it was Someday.

I’d taken the back roads home before and as I passed little antique shops in tiny towns, I would say to myself, “Someday, I’m going to stop in those little shops.”

And I passed a beautiful Methodist church and whispered, “Someday, I want to stop and take pictures of their door. And the cross that faces the field.”

As I drove north on Hwy 213, I came to the crossroad of Main Street in Cecilton and told myself, “Someday, I’m going to

take a detour and drive by Mike’s Nana and PopPops house and reminisce about all the ice cream we ate on their front porch.”

“Someday, instead of passing over the Chesapeake City Bridge, I’m going to go under it and see what’s on the other side,” I declared to myself.

So, guess what? Today was my Someday.

I stopped in those little shops and met friendly locals and told them that my husband was born just up the road.

It was drizzling and dreary when I came to the Methodist church, but I pulled over and got out of my car and took those pictures.

I took a left onto Main Street in Cecilton and stopped to take a picture of Mike’s grandparents’ house. And pulled into his elementary school to turn around.

I was so excited when I got to the drawbridge a little further ahead, and I had to stop so a boat could pass through the waters!

And I was tickled to drive under the bridge in Chesapeake City and get a glimpse of a beautiful wedding party, including the new bride and groom!

I’m so grateful today was Someday.

And I look forward to adding more of them to my calendar in the days ahead.

What are you waiting to do Someday?


  1. Janschiller says:

    One day very soon I would love to do your Someday trip when I visit you and Suzanne from DC.
    Keith got a job and will be there in December can’t wait to see you !!!!

  2. Yvonne Brackens says:

    Sister Michele, wow…how awesome! Although it was not planned, our backroads trip to Hueston Woods was a “Someday” sort of day–thank you! Grace, Peace & Love…

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