Someone Saw A Need

The kids were clapping their hands and grinning ear to ear as they made their way into “the big church building.” I found myself caught up in their excitement and fumbled for my phone wanting to capture the scene taking place before me.  

We were visiting my daughter and son-in-law one Sunday morning, and as we made our way from the side of the building, we noticed several little blue wagons parading through the parking lot. We got closer, and I realized they were being pulled by volunteers making their way to parked mini-vans, SUVS and 4-door sedans.  Parents were unbuckling car seats, handing over diaper bags and dinosaur backpacks, and unloading little ones who were anticipating their magical rides in little blue wagons, right up to the front doors of the church. 

Ingenuous, I thought.  

Someone saw a need. 

My sweet friend has breast cancer. As I was perusing the shop trying to find a warm blanket or shawl to send her, I remembered a ministry my sister takes part in at her church. 

Several of her friends gather each week and spend the morning knitting beautiful shawls to gift to those in need of a warm, enveloping reminder that someone cares. And mostly that Jesus cares. The shawls are prayed over, attaching a little note to each one letting the recipient know the love and care and prayers that have gone into their heartwarming creations. As a need arises, the shawls are taken to nursing homes, chemo centers, hospitals and any other place someone needs a warm touch. 

So tenderly beautiful, I thought. 

Someone saw a need. 

Who has a need in your little circle? What ways could you creatively share a touch from Jesus today? 

I visited an elderly friend today. She shared with me how lonely her Sunday evenings are. Her husband has passed away and she particularly misses him on Sundays. She comes home from church and has lunch and then her day seems to go downhill from there.

As we talked, the Lord opened my eyes (and ears) to see a need.  

Dear Jesus, would you give me eyes and ears to see the needs of those around me? In small ways, or perhaps grander ones, help me to serve someone in need today. Amen. 

For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for others, as you still do. ~ Hebrews 6.10 

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