What Are You Waiting For?

I’m sitting by a window peering into the backyard, watching raindrops dance on the patio table.
I’m waiting. 

The tiny onesies have been washed and folded neatly and are waiting. The quiet bedroom filled with tiny human belongings, his name hanging above the crib and the chair that longs to rock him to sleep.
They’re waiting. 

My daughter balances her empty coffee cup on her round belly while she reads her Bible. She’s waiting. 

A large picture window expands the length of the living room and we watch the world carry on outside, while we continue to wait. 

Trusting in God’s timing. It sounds spiritual and wise. The truth is, it’s hard.  

Scripture reminds us again and again to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3.5. And Isaiah 26.3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Psalm 37.5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” 

The truth is, it’s really hard to wait. I’m learning it’s like most anything that is worthwhile in achieving; it takes practice. 

I know I’m not alone in the waiting.  

I have friends who are waiting for their next military assignment. It’s never easy to wait patiently to hear where you’ll spend the next several years or if the military will continue to be part of your journey at all. 

Some are waiting to hear where their child will go to university or IF their child will go to university. 

Waiting for a lost child to come home. 

One friend is waiting for a life-threatening surgery as a last resort for her husband. 

I was one who, until recently, was waiting for my husband to return from a long deployment in a war-torn location. 

What might you be waiting for? 

Perhaps an equally important question, which I’m learning to ask myself is, “What might you be learning in the waiting?” 

My prayer is evolving from asking God when He will answer and move into asking what He’s trying to teach me in the waiting.  

I don’t want to waste the moments of today simply waiting. I want God to use the moments and days to teach me. 

I’m learning just how faithful He is in the waiting. He reminds me of His love as I have time to sit and read and ponder His Word.  He reminds me of others I can pray for and come alongside as they wait.  

I see community rise up to embrace me in the waiting. A card or message from a friend that says I’m thinking of you and lifting you to the Father. A group of friends invite us for lunch, to sit around the table and commune together and enjoy the laughter of the little ones who jump on the couch and talk a mile a minute, who are eager to eat one more bite of chicken so they can have another helping of macaroni.  

I’m learning to be grateful for the expectant father who caters to my sweet daughter. Who brings her flowers on her due date. Who gently holds her and sits and watches girly shows when he’d rather be out in the garage.  Who dreams out loud of renovating his workshop so he and his son can work on projects together, building dirt bikes and memories, just like he did with his dad. 

I’m learning to enjoy and savor the extra time with my daughter. Having five children doesn’t always afford a mom a lot of time with each child. God is reminding me how special this time is with my dancing darling middle child, my own flesh who is waiting to birth our next generation. 

As we walk each day, God reminds me of His beauty in creation and His love to share it with me.  The tall evergreen trees towering over the landscape here in the Pacific Northwest. The calmness of Puget Sound holding its water within the boundaries of the banks. The snow-capped mountains standing so proudly in the background. So many reminders of gentle graces to capture in the waiting. I don’t want to miss the tiniest of them. 

I pray today will be the day baby Jonah makes his grand entrance. But if not, I’ll continue to be thankful for what God is teaching me. I’ll savor the moments and walk through the day wide-eyed, full of hope and grateful for what I am learning. I’ll continue to trust Him in His timing. And remember His goodness and faithfulness. 

What are you waiting for today? And what is God teaching you in the waiting? 


  1. Deanna Underwood says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Lydia is very lucky to have such a wonderful Mama to help guide her into adulthood and becoming a mother. A Mother, who loves the Lord. Your daughter is such a sweetheart. She will be an amazing mom. Jonah is a very lucky little boy

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Michele,
    Loved this blog! So great for Lydia that you have been there with her! You are her best possible support, and will be indispensable as you share your vast experience in the baby department. Waiting has been hard, but manageable because you all trust in God’s perfect timing. I hope baby J. has arrived!

  3. Denise M.Schaick says:

    Beautiful Post Michele! I havent been to your site in a LONG time- I’ve really missed out. God has bless you with a beautiful gift of sharing your love and His love through your words. Sending Love your way- Denise

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